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202 63%
117 37%
Voters: 319.
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Could you kill someone? As in would you be psychologically capable?

Would you be able to look down at them, knowing that you were making them suffer and that you were about to end their life?

Would your feelings / conscience get in the way? Why?
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Absolutely not. On accident perhaps, but I couldn't willingly end someone's life.
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I could, if that person had done something that'd piss me off really really really really really really really really really really REALLY hard. Otherwise no.
out of selfdefence, if my own life depended on it. Yep I think I could

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Depends on what kind of person it is. If the person would've done nothing wrong to me I'd never be able to do such a thing, but if it was a man who just killed my family, burned my house and ate my dog I wouldn't hesitate to do it.
nobody knows this, you may think something but in the actual situation you may respond different
yes I could, without question.

I'd however avoid getting into a situation where I'd have to kill someone.

Yes, ive been tempted and have nearly carried it out.

im one sick bastard. no seriously, i dont liez
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NO, I cried watching extreme makeover home edition today....killing's not for me
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NO, I cried watching extreme makeover home edition today....killing's not for me

you can never know until you're put in the situation. maybe some of the people who voted no, when held at gunpoint and given the ultimatum between their life or someone else's, would choose to take life. maybe the people who voted yes, when (of course I don't wish for this) their whole family is murdered, and they catch the killer, they send him to jail. never can tell!
Yes, if I had a good reason for it
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I was just talking to my friend about this today. Hell yeah I could kill someone.
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I honestly don't know.
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only if i had to like if killing them would stop them from killing my family
but if they had already killed my family id rather send them to jail so they could get anally raped
Depends who it is, but if it was someone that had made my life miserable then I could see myself doing it or if it was the lead singer from nickelback.
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Probably. You'd have to do me wrong really bad for me to want to kill you and then go through with it.
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I probably couldn't do it again.
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[quote="'-[NiL"]-']Absolutely, given the circumstances meet my standards.


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It´s easier then you think.

this is true, I quite simply wait by the freeway with my thumb stucking up.

works a treat.

Under the right circumstances I believe everyone could kill someone. What those circumstances are would vary drastically from person to person though.

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No I don't think I could bring myself to do it, unless it was someone who filled me with pure hatred, but otherwise, nay I couldn't
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NO, I cried watching extreme makeover home edition today....killing's not for me

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Think so. Although they would've to done some real shit to me, it's not like I could've killed someone who didn't deserve it. But as others already said, you never know until you are in that position.
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Extreme Home Makeover will make the hardest man soft.

True, I really can't sustain an erection through that show.
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True, I really can't sustain an erection through that show.

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OT: I could easily do it under certain circumstances. I wouldn't kill someone just because.
Probably only out of self defense or to defend someone else I care about
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Yes, but it has to be by projectile or blunt force.
I could never stab anybody (whether or not they would die).
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Depends on the circumstances, but yes.
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