Guys.. Right now for recording, my setup is guitar -> boss GT8 pedalboard -> Laptop.
And im able to record this way. Have anyone here used the same method? I dont have decent soundcard on my laptop, only stock one.

I'm considering in getting a line6 toneport UX2 audio interface. But my question is will it improve the audio quality of my guitar tremendously? OR does the GT8 have sort of built in audio interface??
I'd say, if the GT8 let's you plug into a USB, then you're good. If there's only a line out, go for the audio interface. I'm not familiar with the GT8 so I've no clue how you're connecting.

Myself, I gave up on pedalboards and direct-in amp setup. Amp sims(ShredSuite) ONLY for me until I have some kind of pro amp/cab/mic setup. Which will be never.
There are a few ways to do that:
1. Guitar > soundcard input (way better would be interface). Record your guitar clean. Once recorded, use an amp simulator (there are lots of them out there... a lot of DAWs even have them as part of their stock plugins) to dial in your sound.
2. Guitar > DI box.
DI box - 1/4" out > to pedalboard > to amp (so you can listen to the sound of your guitar more or less how you'd like it to sound
DI box - XLR out > to interface (this will record a clean guitar signal while you shred away listening to yourself with your amp.)

From there, use the amp sim on your clean recorded guitar track as above.

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GT-8 has a digital out, SPDIF if not mistaken, there are some digital input option on cheap desktop cards or maybe even laptop cards that have this...
maybe the Douk audio on this link:

You can alternately get a better audio interface that has SPDIF input, you'll have to look at specs. For example, I have FP10 that has those digital inputs but those cards are discontinued.

If you get an audio interface you can use the analog outputs (stereo if you get a 2input interface) into the audio inputs and that will improve audio quality as the built in interface usually are garbage.