I am looking into starting to learn guitar I enjoy listening to blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves I love the sound of the guitar from these bands and the style they get with the semi hollowbody so the guitar I want is a semi hollowbody but the one I want shown here http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/electr...06080313471528 has no inlays on the fretboard I was wondering if putting stickers on would be suitable to learn with or if it really matters if you have inlays on the fret board when learning?
Yeah I can use the link now.

Really you need to try the guitar out first to check its going to work well for you, and feel right to play. You might find a Les Paul or a Strat neck will feel better to play, and have a semi-hollow bodied guitar isn't integral to getting a pop-punk-blink sound, thats all about whatever amp you have.

But of course if you play it and find it suits you and it sounds good go for it, I wish I could help more but I have never had the chance to play a epi dot.
a lot of earlier blink is a superstrat with a bridge humbucker. I dunno if i'd get a semi-hollow for my first guitar, i love semi-hollows but they don't work as well with high gain, they can get squealy.
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there's no such thing as 'a beginner guitar'... there's good guitars and bad guitars... if you're not sure if you'll like guitar, get something cheap -- epiphone, squier, etc. if you're sure you'll love it go with something nicer
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