Hi UG,

been thinking of a new guitar recently, but the fundage is a problem..

i've found the same guitar as mine, but it has been modded with some really nice pick ups and tuners etc, basically turned it into the guitar i'd be after,


it's still a squier, not a proper fender...


i know ebay links aren't welcomed but it's just to see the pics etc..
I'd say go for it if stays around that price. But not much point bidding over your budget, remember you can always just mod yours and it isnt that hard.
yeh but stock, it's 2 p90s, with a different bridge and everything,
that has had a new bridge and everything, 2 decent pick ups, tuners...
i'm thinking, well i only paid £95 for mine, used, but it was brand new the guy never used it, so if i win this and sell mine it wouldnt be much money to upgrade?

but would it be pointless as i'd still want the real deal not a squier?