Started working on this earlier today. I originally planned to have lyrics but it's taken on a more instrumental feel now. It's been recorded with my new guitar and has a more emphasis on clean/slightly distorted sound rather than the uhhhh straight heavier distortion I usually play around with on my Epi Dot

It's called 'Golden'

I liked it! The guitar sounds great and it was a well constructed song. I especially liked the riffs around 1:33 and how it went back and forth for a little bit. Then how it went from there was great. Overall, very nice job!

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Uhhh I'm not sure, do you mean the kind of popping sound over the chords? It's an effect from Gearbox for my Line 6 Pod called Random S/H. I think another term for it is a step phaser or something like that?
nice man. this is just good music. simple as that. i still thinks it needs vocals though. starting at around 36 seconds. it feels like, by the 101 mark, okay there is this. what else can you show me kinda thing. i love the sound of that guitar though. great tone. at 134 it kinda breaks up a little bit. i love that. and if you keep this an instermental, i think you should go to that sooner. eather way, good job. great song.

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Yeah I'd love to vocals but I'm not too sure, not too good with lyrics and I don't know any particularly good singers. I'll have to see what happens