Best place to do this at and get the most money because I'm having no luck with craigslist currently :/ .
Stores will usually give you a good value if you're buying something else of higher value. If you're not getting any craigslist hits, sit on it for awhile and try again. Or try changing your ad description and put up different pictures. Maybe you're asking for too much?
You can always try eBay too if you're up for it. Other then that, keep going with craigslist. A store (be it a mom-and-pop store or a big Guitar Center) won't give you the best deal, because they have to make money off of it too. Best to sell direct, and the best way to do that nowadays is the internet.
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Craiglist takes some time. You get a tonne of "tire kickers" and since its a buyer's market, gear does not move fast.

Mom and pop stores will generally give you better buy back than GC, and if you take store credit or go consignment, you will get more cash. But I wouldn't expect anything more than 60 percent of the selling price.
Well all the stuff is worth only $300 new but I'm trying to get about $170 for it all because I have some people that are going to sell me some stuff that is at great quality and at a great price I just don't have any money right now :/
If you're going to bundle it into one sell, it's going to be harder. No one wants to buy a budget amp if they're only looking for the bass.
^Agreed. Sell the stuff individually.

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