Hey guys.. I need some help. I'm getting some buzzing/humming from my guitar and I can't figure out why. When I touch metal on my guitar, the noise gets a little more quite but not drastically. I think it has something to do with the grounding, but I checked and I do see a ground cable.

I uploaded a video of me demonstrating my issue. Please check it out and try to help me i you know what's going on.
Isn't this just a normal thing that happens when you put your guitar too close to the amp?
it`s a earthing issue open her up and look for a loose/disconnected wire either on the bridge, trem spring claw,volume and tone pots, selector switch, pickups or input jack.....i watched the vid after typing the above...you are on the right lines you just gotta check all the wires/connections, even if the wire looks connected you can still have a bad solder joint.

@Tmusician- NO, thats called feedback and is useful when you learn how to control it.
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