I recently bought a small Carlsbro amp from a friend, who claims he himself got it from the father of a friend of his. The model must be quite old by now, and I was unable to locate it anywhere on the internet. The friend I got it from says it must date over twenty years back.

The amp puzzled me even at first sight, as it has two inputs; 'High' and 'Low'. Following this there are 'Pre' and 'Post' knobs, which adjust the gain in a most peculiar manner; I found that boosting the 'Pre' knob gives me a beautiful vintage overdrive, and the 'Post' knob is, well, just there.
After these knobs comes a switch that allows me to switch between 'CH1' and 'CH2', something I have not really grasped all too well yet. Next to this is a 'Level' knob, which is the overall volume.
Lastly, we have 'Treble', 'Mid' and 'Bass' knobs, with an 'ON' switch at the end.

The amplifier says 'CARLSBRO' on it, and the only thing remotely resembling a 'model' name or number is the 'LA20' above the on/off switch.
I've searched all over the internet for this 'Carlsbro LA20'. If anyone knows anything, please let me know!
Thanks in advance...
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