So ive decided to go with a Blackstar HT-5 head and cab which i should be picking up today if everything goes right. Thanks to all who helped out in my previous post. So since my vypyr had all these effects and stompboxes built in i never had a need for pedals. So i was curious as to which is better like getting a multi effects pedal or getting each pedal seperate. Any thing you guys could reccomend? Ive seen a few videos of the Line 6 Pod XT live and those sound pretty good. Also someone on another forum or it might have been this one recommended i get a attenuator to get the amp to break up at lower volumes. Most ive seen are around $140-300, but i found some on ebay for like $25. Im not really going for studio quality so would there be a big differance between the more expensive ones and say these for example.
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For the attenutor you can just put a volume pedal in the effects loop, if the amp has an effects loop.
For pedals, Multi-Effects pedals are way more convenient but they don't sound as good and aren't as customizable as indivudual stompboxes.
If youre going to get a Multi-Effects, the one you mentioned is the best in my experience and trust me I've tried a lot.
Still though, I prefer individual stompboxes even though they are more expensive.

EDIT: I just looked at your sig. Usually most people are pretty impressed with using a tubescreamer for an overdrive/boost for tube amps.
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You're getting a 5 watt amp... You have no need for an attenuator as it's gonna break up pretty early anyway. Don't worry about that.

Quote by salgala2000
For the attenutor you can just put a volume pedal in the effects loop, if the amp has an effects loop.

A volume pedal won't work the way salgala said at all. It's totally different from what an attenuator does. Don't listen to that...

Also, multifx pedals offer an easy package that is much simpler than a bunch of different pedals, however with individual pedals you can pick each for its sound and build a pedalboard that sounds good in every way, and not compromise with the multifx.
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Well I like the line 6 pod because it has other amp/cab models, effects wise id only use like a tube screamer,delay,reverb,and chorus and that would pretty much be it. I just heard some people doing covers of songs i play on youtube using one and they sound pretty close to the real thing and the majority of them said their using the line 6. Yeah thats what i said too about it being a 5W amp but everyone assured me that i would need one since its a 5W " tube " amp so to get the sound it would have to be as loud as a 20W solid state.
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I don't think an attenuator will do anything favourable for your HT-5. You could end up spending more for the attenuator than you did for the amp, and really, the HT-5's design specifically was built for home/bedroom use. I've never even heard of someone using an attenuator with a HT-5.

Also, the job of an attenuator is to stop some of the heat going from the valves to the speaker. Those $25 models are just master volumes - they do not have any affect on the tone - And since you already have one I don't see the point.

Attenuators are best paired with non-master volume Marshall's. In my experience, attenuator's are just too picky and choosy to worth concerning yourself over. Unless you absolutely MUST have a cranked Marshall Plexi tone at bedroom levels then it would probably be more in your favour to opt for an entirely different amp, one that doesn't need extreme power to sound good - Diezel, Soldano, Egnater, Bogner, etc.
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+1 to Goldfish and forsaknazrael.

You won't need an attenuator a HT-5.

Most MFX in your price range will not be as good as the real deal but they are convenient. I had one and sold it.

Also look at a Vypyr 60, Vox Tweaker and JetCity JCA20 (not played the latter)
Well i bought the HT-5 today and it sounds pretty good. Would you recommend replacing the stock cab with the single 10' speaker? And yeah ive had it cranked to almost max volume and it wasnt too loud so idk what they were talking about when they told me id need one. What would you recommend for a good multi effect pedal? So far i like the Line 6 Pod xt live but ive seen some reviews on the Vox ToneLab ST and they seem pretty good too. Mainly id like the pedal to have good amp modeling or at least sound close like what its supposed to be. Budget would be around $200 for now. Maybe more once i sell my Les Paul special 2.
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-Gibson Les Paul Studio
-Marshall AVT150H w/MG412A
-Cry baby Classic Wah
Quote by forsaknazrael
Wow, stupid advice.

A volume pedal in the effects loop is NOT an attenuator. It's another master volume. Why does he need another master volume?
I must be a fool because I put my vol pedal in the loop of my HT5.

A volume pedal in the loop offers no real advantage in the loop because the preamp has a gain control. Howver if you want the vol pedal to affect only level and not distortion then put it in the loop. If you want the vol pedal to control gain dynamically then put it in front.

But yeah the advice to put it in the loop to control gain is not relevant to getting distortion in an amp with both gain and vol controls. So my response to the quote is silly sarcasm.
^ Yeah, that's more for volume swells than as a proper attenuator, or for getting preamp distortion out of an amp with no master volume, though most of those have no effects loop.
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