That was an ugly ban, but thanks for unbanning me guys

I'm B.Renegades' little brother.

More of a drummer than a guitar player, but still would like to get to know you guys

I like nearly any Country, Malmsteen, Metallica, and AC/DC are mostly the only rock/metal bands I like.

Nice to meet you :3
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Welcome to UG.... why did you get banned??

My guess is the mods thought he was a multi, but they apparently decided otherwise.

Yngwie, Introduce yourself in this thread.

Welcome to UG.



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I'm gonna need specific instructions again on how to properly dance with my pants on my head.
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First you put your pants on your head.
Second you dance.
Third you wipe off all the pussy.
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Quote by Yngwie_Owns
they thought I WAS B.Renegades due to same IP
obviously we live in the same house, so we had to explain

that happened to me, but it took the mods a year to find it out, i think it's a silly rule but what can you do
"dont think I actually introduced myself before my banning"

i thought i was going to open this and there was ganna be a rap about his ban, and who he is, and about all of them bitches he has.
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