I wrote a short soundtrack piece.. Like you would hear in an epic adventure movie haha. I used Miroslav Philharmonik for all of the strings, brass, and choirs. Then i used a really old version of EWQL Stormdrum for all of the percussion. For the ambient intro, i used Absynth 5.

The piece is on my profile

Feel free to check out my other pieces on my profile as well
Check out my music on my profile
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Holy shit that start is mad! 0:30 is a great change, has a bit of a similar feel as the early Metal Gear Solid music or that kind of stealthy, epic kinda feel. The drums are great and keep the piece on track well and the rest of the band works insanely well together. I love the eighth notes between the brass and the strings, sounds exceptionally good. And the choir just adds so much to the epicness! Have you made it for anything in particular?
That VST sounds amazing too!
Thanks for the crit man.

What can I say about your song....

It's really well put together for one. Like Drummerrrrr? said, something you'd hear in MGS or something. You'll have a future in movie or game soundtracks if that's what you're going for, for sure.

I'm more of a guitar oriented critic tbh. I know nothing of this kinda composition really except "it sounds cool" or "it sounds weird" or "it sucks". Yours sounded really cool I guess.

Keep it up.
Thanks! I just made it for fun pretty much haha. And the VST took a little bit of tweaking to get that sound but it was well worth it.
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Hmm that's really not a bad idea.. But i'm not going for that kind of sound. I might experiment with it, though. I'll go check out your stuff.

Check out my music on my profile
The start bit is cool. I like the quiet strings in the background and the ambient vibe that it gives off. The percussion at the start certainly adds something special. I love the choir in the background. Finally, I also love how the end of the song is just "Wham"-it's sharp and quick, yet it still works.

Look, I love it, and all the advice I can give you, is maybe trying to expand it, and making it longer. From what I've seen and hearrd when listening to film scores, the compostition usually goes for anything from 4-6 minutes. Although, there are exceptions. Even if this piece went for say...3 minutes, I think by the end of it "wow". If you were to do this though, you would need to stick to t he smae beginning and end, and just add random bits in the middle. Great work!
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Thanks The scene i had in mind when writing this song was about as long as the track itself.. Like the ambient intro showed the landscape and then the main part came in with the actual action etc. If that makes any sense at all haha. I'm working on a longer piece at the moment and hope to finish it soon. I'll put it up here once i'm done.. Hope to hear more from you as well
Check out my music on my profile
Oooo good stuff to be had here. Though that percussion sounds odd to me, if that's what I'm hearing. I'd much rather have just heard some normal timpani hits instead, but otherwise I like the sound of the piece

As far as crit goes, I can't offer much in the way of improvement save maybe the percussion - otherwise I think you've got a winner here
Was great, dude.
It really set the done and gave a feel of armageddon/doom.
Well composed, very epic.

I also really liked C# minor.
Good composition! I feel the bassdrum should not be so fast though, you're hitting it a few times in a row sometimes... Try just making it single hits, should sound more epic. This is a little, I don't know, clippy or something?

Good job on the rest though! 8/10