I am asking my parents for a bass and bass amp for my birthday which is coming up. I already found a nice budget bass but i decided to look for bass amps on Ebay. I came across this amp.


a 60 watt bass amp with 400 watts peak? 8 inch speaker? 60 bucks?

I am new to the world of bass amps, how on earth can this be 60 bucks meanwhile all other amps in the same price range are 10-15 watts?

*edit* yes i do know its refurbished
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400 watts peak doesn't mean much. If its an 8" speaker I'd be surprised if its more than 50 watts RMS. Basically they're giving you the max and you're comparing it to other amp's averages.

Edit: Just looked, 60 watts RMS... Through an 8" speaker that is gonna be basically worthless for bass. I'd say its junk, but I'm not much into bass so what do I know?
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Unless its electronic drums.

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Pyramid made some pretty crappy car stereo stuff they sold at flea markets and low end stereo shops. It was always vastly overrated on its output.

The one your looking at is refurbished. You really need to spend a few bucks if you want a decent amp.