Im in need of a badass bassist and drummer to fill in perminently into an already established REGGAE/ROCK/HIP HOP band.

Due to our bassist being a shaddy tweaking asshole who stole band money, he has been kicked out. and our drummer was morman and went on his mission. the rest of us arent religious like that...NO WORRIES. haha.

I need people who are down to jam. You must like and listen to all different kinds of music from punk to hip hop to old skool country to metal to blues. We play EVERYTHING. You must also be reliable. i need SERIOUS musicians who are looking to make a career out of touring and making people sing a long and have good times.

email me on here or at bigchopperdave@gmail.com if you are interested and we will talk!

big dave
97 Fender American-made Big Apple Strat
02 Gibson Les Paul Studio Platinum edt.
01 Marshall AVT150 full stack
all ran through my Boss GT10

...and lovin every second of it