This is the newest song me and my band have thrown together. There are a few lead parts missing, but I plan to add them in the near future. The guitar solo, however... Not my strong suit. If you want to put one in go ahead, just re-upload the new file so I can hear what you added.

EDIT: I added in all of the leads except for the solo.
Candy Tales.zip
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Okay, I'm going to hope you C4C this because this song is pretty cool [[=".

Intro 1: Good intro, I like how the bass gives you a sneak peek at what the guitar's going to do.
Intro 2: Follows up with guitar hitting the chords. Good buildup to A.
A: I like the lead line, it reminds me of Agape by For Today (I actually think it's the same first arpeggio o.O) At A2 I would keep a lead line there, but have it be a bit more dissonant of an arpeggio compared to what you used before.
B: Very "groovy" feel too it, has a nice buildup to the breakdown, I liked the bass and drums measure.
C: Groovy as hell breakdown, I was practically headbanging just listening to it! C2 I'm assuming was just twice as much china? It helps bring it into an easier 4/4 groove. C3 sounds pretty cool, the toms really give it a "building" feel. On the measures where there's no guitar, if your drummer can do it, I would like to hear some 32nd notes.
D: Chorus sounds good. On the 2nd and 4th time through, I would change the G# at the end to a D. It sounds a bit repetitive with it always going to G#.
E: Has a really nice feel to it, but I don't like the fact that it's all offbeat. It sounds good, but it just has that feeling that something's "wrong" and I can't find it.
F: Heavy describes it pretty well. Nothing to comment here.
G: Odd time riff. Very proggy, sounds good, I like this one a lot. Choppy I didn't care for, I would have just let the lead do a harmony of it and not palm mute it.
D: Chorus again.
H: Break sounds good, I would put some harmonies on the 16th notes at the end of the bars.
I1: Like the intro in where the bass gives you a preview of the guitar. I2 the guitar comes it, I3 you cut the tempo. This part feels very proggy. I4 says guitar solo, and I'm assuming you didn't write one for it yet.

Overall, 8.5/10, very proggy, very heavy, nice job!

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1335824
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Thanks for the crit, man! Of course I'll C4C. And just BTW, the C2 section was where I changed the china from striking every quarter (or thereabouts lol) to striking on every 3rd 8th note. It subdivided the 3/4 bar into 4 sections of 3 8th's, which significantly changes the speed of the groove, which is why we like that section so much. I'm working on some harmony parts to the G and H sections right now. Edit coming soon.
Change name of the song.

I just listened intro and it was very boring.
Part A was quite odd, and it could use some variation.
I liked bar 41-56 that was good part.
C was also nice break part.
Chorus part was guite heavy too.

E break was quite intresting. I suggest some bass variation.
F "heavy part" sucked. Just remove it .
G was nice part. Little bit too happy. Could work with way lower tuning.
Choppy part was totally senseless.
H break has maybe best riff on the whole song. This one I like!
133- was nice intro.
I2 sounded too sad, it didn't fit really that part .