hey guys i looking to buy a new amp some time soon and i was just wondering what would be the best for me i have a budget of around £250GBP and was looking for an amp that i could be able to use for live shows as well as practicing. i play mostly thrash, metal, some classic stuff but mostly metal and ive got tired of my current amp with it being only 15 watts and well sucks to be honest so i need a nice big 1 need some suggestions thanks im open to branded amps and unknown as long as they are good
Erm... Same question... I registered to ask this exact question. I don't exactly play thrash metal, but plenty of rock, punk and pop.

My current amp is also a shitty 15w practice amp and I want to upgrade to something with a lot more oomph to be able to play open mic nights as well as practice at home with it. A built in effects box, or just a good range of sound modifiers is also particularly desirable.

Fingers crossed someone can put us out of our misery Mike56!!
What's your current amp?
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my current is a marshall MG whihc is the exact reason im getting rid of it i bought it off a friend for £30 so i thought why not but i really need something that can give me what i need without too much messing around and to be able to practice with my band with ill check out the peavey bandit thanks any more suggestions people