i just bought a guitar and i don't really like the pickups since my old pickups were emg-hz, these bdsm pickups are a lot worse so i thought i should probably replace them with better ones, and since i don't want to buy the ones that i previously had (emg-hz) i thought i'd get better ones which will probably sound better, i thought i'd go for the jb sh-4 and sh-2 sd set
does anyone know any good reason why i shouldn't do that?
Dude, punctuation helps or everything sounds like this those are good overall pickups but it depends on what style you play and what you're looking for if you're playing metal I would reccommend something with a little more bite what bands are you wanting to sound like also what amp are you playing through?

Now, if we punctuate that it's easier to read. Those are good overall pickups but it depends on what your play and what you're looking for. If you're playing metal I would reccommend with a little more bite. What bands are you wanting to sound like? Also, what amp are you playing through?
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What kind of music are you playing?

This, also budget?
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i think its safe to say from the guitar shape that i don't play blues, jazz or even pop, i'm into metal, i don't want to sound like any band, i already have my own tone already made in my g2, after all the tone comes pretty much from the sound processing unit, i just want nice sounding pickups because the stock bdsm sound pretty raw
i just want really nice sounding sweeps and a crunchy bridge pickup and since that seams to be the favorite sd pickup i don't think it can be that bad (altho popular vote usually goes bad)
my buget is about 270 usd and i don't use any amp, i play through my zoom g2 into my headphones since i'm not into that making a band thing i don't want to spend money on amps, i had amps in the past but ever since i discovered headphones i decided i don't need them
truth is my first guitars i never used the neck pickup, the last one before this was the cort and it had the emg-hz h4 in the bridge which sucked but the emg-hz h4a in the neck sounded heavenly so while having that guitar i only used the neck pickup, buying this guitar I realized i can use both pickups and i thought that if i buy some good pickups i can have a really nice non-muddy tone on both pickups so i can start using them both
and i apologise to Flux'D and everyone who is offended by my grammar skills, i just suck at grammar even in my native language, i'm just not into that
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also buying them used would mean i'd save about 33% of the cost, is it worth buying them used? i've never installed pickups in my life and the shop installs them for free if you buy them
but i suppose i could find someone to install them for me, is it a good idea to buy them used?
To be honest if you're playing through a unit like a G2 and not an amp, new pickups are not really going to have a big impact on your tone. Changing pickups might get more bass or treble etc.. but you're really just altering the way your guitar is reacting to and picking up different frequencies (that's not a great explanation...), your tone will stay largely the same. I mean new pickups might be less muddy than what you have at the moment but if the BDSM's sound 'raw', that probably wont change with new pickups. Units like the G2 just don't react to the differences in pickups the same way amps do.

If you're trying to improve your sound, changing pickups while playing through a unit like a G2 instead of an amp is kind of like taking a hammer to a screw.
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of course pickups won't change my tone, pickups don't change the tone very much in any case, my point is that my emg-hz pickups (at least the neck pickup) sounded much better than this one, overall my tone is the same but at least i hope it will sound equal if not better to my emg-hzs
i don't remember any pickup giving a guitar a totally different tone