Hey, so I'm still in the process of choosing a new audio interface and saw the Digidesign 003+ rack. Its pretty expensive, and I wanted to know if it's really worth the 1600+ it will cost.

I really need something capable of recording drums, so 8 inputs is great. But the cost difference between this interface and something like the M-Audio Profire 2626 is big, and would cover the cost of other things I need for my studio.
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I had some guitar center employee try to give me some bull shit that the Pres on the M-Audio Profire 2626 are better than the ones on the 003's. The 003+ is a much better interface all around than the Profire which is why it costs about twice as much.

Basically, it comes down to whether or not you want to use Pro Tools or not. You can get way cheaper alternatives than the 003 that will do just as good.
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if you have the budget, the 003 is an excellent choice AND you have the option to run pro tools, not matter what you run currently.

if you plan on sticking with your system it's a definite good investment.
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003+s sound like shit untill you mod em
get a profire and buy a used m-audio octane pre or whatever 8 pre you want like onyx 800R or whatev

Whats shit about the 003+? Just curious.

Budget really isn't an issue, I'm just interested on getting a great quality interface, since i have the money to do it. ($3000 budget)
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The 003+ doesn't sound like shit.....It is by far better than most interfaces around the same price out there.

You get some very nice preamps on board and if needed, you improve the sound more with some external ADA converters but I would not crack open the rack case and start rewiring it.

Sound quality doesn't just come from the gear, it also comes from the skill of the studio engineer...knowing how to place mics in the space you're located in on the instrument you're working with........and then knowing how to apply those effects on the computer.

Don't go too crazy with choosing an interface from the start. Get something good but not over the top, and then grow from there.
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a 003 is on my list, but it will be a while before i have the money to buy one since i want to upgrade to a tower at the same time...

i'm reeeeeeally hoping Avid will come out with something new and better between now and when i buy. they haven't touched PT in a long time, and with all the cracks out now they HAVE to be doing something...

EDIT: instead of modding it, if you dont like the sound just buy some external preamps. that way you have even more inputs and options on preamps to pair your mic/s with. the 003s are easily expandable.
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the standard 003 would b e a better option with a adat focusrite octopre
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Holy shit guys, where to start.

1: The pres on 003 = Shit per general CONSENSUS, just because you don't agree doesn't mean it's not true. Just accept that. Look around for reviews.

2: On the profire2626 you get 8 very decent pres with PADS (great in your case for recording drums).

3: You definitely should just get the profire2626, great pres (better than 003), great expansion possibilities (2 ADAT in + SPDIF) AND you can use that one with Pro-Tools M-Powered. Which in YOUR case will not differ from LE by much. You're not planning on doing post-production and stuff in surround i imagine, right?

4: The mods that Catharsis is talking about is the Black Lion Audio mods. Should look it up. That makes 003s good.

-8 good pres
-pro tools mp compatible
-total of 16 ADAT i/o
-700$ on musician's friend

-8 mediocre/ decent pres (unless BLA modded)
-pro tools LE included
-total of 8 ADAT i/o
-1500$ on musician's friend

Your choice man.
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My only problem with the Profire was it seemed that the quality people talk about getting from it is too good to be true for it's price. Thanks guys, case closed.
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you're not going to get "good" pre's for that kind of money (at least not that many...) but you can get "better than Digi" pre's for the money. keep that it mind when listening to all the Profire's praise around here.
I had this very debate myself a few months back since I did my ProTools 101 course so got a discount of about 20% off all Digidesign interfaces. I decided to go for the ProFire 2626 personally because for what I want to do it's perfect. The pre's are good, great given the price of the unit and it means you can use it with other DAWs (although I do run ProTools mainly). The 003+ is more expensive for a reason but the ProFire gives you a lot of bang for the buck.

Plus the difference in price between the 2 means you can get a decent set of monitors or other stuff for your studio.

Don't spend more money for the sake of it. If something will do the job you need it to and do it well then go for it. You can always upgrade.
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