Looking for a lead guitarist,bassist and drummer to complete the line up for And blood Will Follow. We're based in Kirkcaldy, so if you're interested, drop me a pm or e-mail at andbloodwillfollow@googlemail.com.

You can also find us here: Link

The style is Melodic Death metal, main influences are The Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, Death etc.
Disappointing that this is out in Fife, bit difficult for me to travel with no car or anything

Have a bump!
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Glasgow man, I've been kinda rethinking the sound I was going for though so I dunno if I'd even fit in just now anyway haha
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Yeh Glasgow would be a bit of a trek, haha. Just curious, you check out the song we have up on BandMix? If so, opinions?

I had a quick listen! It sounds alright man, definitely got a bit of potential but one of the tremolo picked riffs sounds more or less identical to one in a Black Dahlia Murder song of Nocturnal

Mind checking out my stuff if you've got time? Links in my sig
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Which song? Curious now.

I shall check them out tomorrow.... should go to bed, up for work at 6.
Eh... I thought it was from something on Nocturnal but its actually Funeral Thirst from Unhallowed!

I hate when that happens
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Yeh, I noticed it sounds a bit like Funeral Thirst, it's purely accidental though. I was just playing it, thought it sounded cool. Later realised.


I'm going to keep it still, as it wasn't deliberate.