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All done guys!

just thought id share pics of what i have so far. this is my first build ever, im working on it with my dad.

-25.5" scale
-Bolt on
-Birdseye maple
-1/16" mahogany sandwich between neck and fretboard
-Maple fretboard
-Royal blue dot inlay
-Fairly thick profile

-Rib, forearm, and hand contour
-White base color
-Sharpie lambo style black doodle
-Double cutaway, no bottom horn.

-Neck pup: sd jazz model humbucker
-Bridge pup: sd jb model humbucker
-3 way selector
-2 dual concentric pots
*one for vol both pups
*one for tone both pups
-Artec QDD2 distortion module
-2 spdt switches to select clean or distorted sound for either pup, so that i can go from clean rhythm on the neck pup to dirty lead with the bridge pup with only one switch (pickup selector)
-pickguard mounted jack
-TOM bridge/tailpiece
-Chrome dc knobs
-White pup rings and covers

a mock up of what it will all look like once its put together:

The neck is now all one piece but I don't have pics of that. Inlaying it today. The white base color has been laid down, and were ready to move onto the graphics portion (in the pics is just the primer). So tell me what you think. Also, I have some questions about wiring I'm about to post in their proper thread. If anyone who thinks that they could help me out could head over there and give me some advice, that would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I'm naming it lagarto, spanish for lizard. my dad used to call me carlos lagarto all the time when i was really little, so we thought that it would be a fitting name.
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I am impressed, I will await the final product eagerly.
looks pretty damn sweet... make me one with a mahogany body and a flame maple top. I would be willing to pay for your time and effort. Nice job!
i have to honestly say this is one of the better builds I have seen on here. Great design and layout, and from the pics the craftsmanship looks great. For your first build, congrats, you are well on your way!!

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Thanks everybody! I gotta say though, I do have the right dad for the job. He's an architect with a pretty good small size workshop, so that helps a lot.

Madcarp - As for making you one, I'm going into high school next year, and ill probably have significantly less time, than I did this year but if you're really serious about it, pm me.

one request please don't ruin it by painting it white like the mock-up

Die it a color show off that nice wood
Love the shape and the headstock, you don't see too many original things on here for body shapes. And he already said he is painting it white then doing a sharpie design over it.


wow... that looks very nice, i like the unique body shape a lot.

One thing: wouldn't the Seymour Duncan JB sound very bright in a maple body?
Gives off a cool Rickenbacker/ Brian May vibe. Awaits.

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Quote by guitaristren
wow... that looks very nice, i like the unique body shape a lot.

One thing: wouldn't the Seymour Duncan JB sound very bright in a maple body?

thanks. and yeah, i figured that out a little too late though. i might try to compensate with more mellow strings though, like flat would or half flat wound. any suggestions for fixing the extra brightness other than that?
Tone control/EQ


wow dude, thats really awesome. good luck finishing it.

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Also, I just noticed, did you recess the pickup rings? and what are the small circles in all the routes and near where the lower horn is.


Yes we did. I thought we had to... oops. whatever, it'll still look fine. And the small circles are screw holes where we anchored the templates. Are there any better ways to do that? We tried some double stick tape, but that failed pretty quickly. And also, what is a good way, for future guitars, to get the templates set accurately, even when there are shims under them? or is it better to drill most of it out first, then set the template down and do one pass?


- (re)shaped
- inlay almost done
-headstock painted black
-pegholes drilled
-heel angled to 1.5*

pics will be up once i finish the inlay, final sanding and clearcoat on the neck. probably the day after tomorrow.

-More coats of paint
-pickguard drilled
-electronics figured out (with much help from monkeylink)

turns out we placed the jack too low on the pickguard, so it doesn't fit. we'll have to rout a little cove for it.

now heres something for you guys. i mocked up some possible headstock designs in GIMP (i think thats what its called). just downloaded it today, and it works great! i highly recommend it. anyways, tell me what you think of these designs. feel free to suggest your own, or even take the blank and mock something up for me. bottom line is, i want your thoughts on my headstock designs.

The logo is a C and an H inside a circle. the bottom of the c is the crosspiece of the h.

one more question: what's the best way to apply this? my dad and i are skeptical about doing inlay. would it work to use a spraypaint stencil? how about a waterslide decal. i think a decal could come out really cool looking. so, any thoughts on application methods?
I say the first one, I really like that logo, it is cool looking, although tough to tell it's a C.

You could stencil it on, although you would have to make your own stencils and whatnot. I would suggest the decal, I don't know much about the different ways of doing them, but Here is a link to the tutorial on Project Gutiar that seems like it should be useful.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, what is Lagarto? and yes, GIMP rocks.


I'm liking the carve on the back of the guitar. It looks like it'll be really comfortable to play.
monkey- that was my favorite too. ill need to work around the pegs though, so the design may get tweaked. I really like the logo too. do you think it matters if people can decipher it? because once you know what its supposed to be, its pretty easy, right? I've worked with stencils for awhile now, but getting the lines that fine might be tough. if i were to do the decal, i would go and buy waterslide decal paper that you can print on, so that the logo would come out nice and neat. Lagarto means lizard en espanol. my dad used to call me carlos lagarto (charlie the lizard) when i was really little, so we thought it was fitting to name the guitar that, plus it sounds cool.

2 questions:

put on another coat of paint today, and as it dried, cracks formed in the paint. whattup with that?

does this stuff work for a clear coat? if not, other suggestions would be wonderful. ill go and check out the finishing thread as well.
#20,_parts/Electric_guitar:_Screws_springs/Neck_Attachment_Screw.html why are you supposed to drill the holes in the body so that they get no bite? i have these screws, so i drilled a 1/8" hole and a 3/16" hole in a test piece, but the screw gets no bite in the 3/16" hole. should I just drill em both @ 1/8"? pics of neck by the end of the day too. also, were going over to my dad's friends house tonight, and he has all of the nut slotting and fretting tools, so some work will be done on that stuff.
Looking great! As for the headstock designs, i like a combination of the first two designs. The second one (the colour scheme) but in the position of the first would be awesome! The shadow looks great, and the logo looks better on the second one - but looks odd in that position. Put it where the first one is and it will be AWESOME!!!
Thanks! I like that idea. probably will end up as my final actually. and do you have any input on my last question? sorry, i need to get the drilling done today, so its sort of urgent
Got back from camp today, and thought I'd post the neck pics I promised weeks ago. Nothing done recently, because I haven't been home. Also, next year, I'm looking to do a travel service program with my camp, which comes at a pretty steep rate, and my parents wont pay for the whole thing. In order to pay for the trip, I'm looking to make and sell guitars. I know I lack experience, but if this guitar is any indicator, I should be able to do okay. First, though, does anyone have any advice for how to get into that? And if I'm just way too inexperienced, and I'll only get myself into a big mess, please tell me. Here are some neck pics-

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I haven't done the headstock inlay yet, and some parts need cleaning up, and obviously, it still needs frets. My dad didn't want to do real inlay, but our concoction of epoxy and paint for the dots didn't work, so i'm thinking of buying some turquoise dots, and a matching piece of turquoise for headstock.
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So after a long and frustrating painting process in which I had to sand all the way back down to wood due to cracks forming in the paint after being painfully close to my last coat, I'm on to the graphics portion. Tell me what you guys think so far:

this is about a full 1.5 hours working time, 3 hours total time (I'm working with a 5 mins on 5 mins observation and rest so I don't get carried away), so this part could take awhile. I could do it a lot faster, but speed is not worth a big ole smudge. The neck needs to be fretted, headstock painted, and nut installed, but it looks good. I tried fretting using a rubber mallet, but it didn't work, so my dad and I are going to make something like this using a slice of radius block. For dots we ended up going with hole punching blue tortoise shell picks and taking the 1/4" circle that it produces and gluing it into the spaces on the fretboard.
Gotta say that art looks amazing, as does the whole build really. What paint are you using?
Tell me who's that writin'...
this is going to look great, i may actually be salivating. cant wait to see this when it's done.
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I really like the body shape, nice and original. Your artwork looks nice too =]

My only question is, the carve in the bottom 'horn' seems odd... why would you have a carve there but not contour the heel?
Thanks guys.

For the main color, I'm using dupli-color auto paint. It works out quite nicely, especially compared to what I was using at first. The paint is designed for all the coats to be put on in an hour, so its nice and quick. I'm using sharpie on top of that. The back cutaway does not go through the heel because this is a bolt on, and there needs to be enough wood for all of the bolts. Is that what you were asking? The art isn't supposed to be anything, its just supposed to look cool.
Yeah that was what I was asking. There's nothing wrong with having a contoured heel with a bolt in, lots of major companies do it, there's plenty of wood there. Your call though, and it's painted now so *shrug* You're probably using a neck plate not ferrules though right? Careful the finish doesn't crack when you drill the holes.
banged in the frets using a little homemade tool (bought a 12 in radius grooved piece of brass from stewmac and put it in a piece of maple with a bolt that had the head cut off, and then put it in the drill press for a homemade fret press) there are some that need to be glued because the slots are a little too wide, and some that just need a little more pushing, and everything needs to be leveled etc. but here are some pics. also, how do i get rid of the fret ends? file away?

So im planning to steel wool, and then one more coat of clear. maybe more if it doesnt go well.
Interesting, in a good way of course. I assume the sharpie designs are going to go all over the guitar? Either way, looking good.

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It`s my guitar, and if you don`t like it, well I don`t care if you like it now do I?
now here's my problem: the neck doesn't sit quite right in its pocket, here are some pics, and then ill continue explaining:

My dad and i tried to make the angle on the heel basically by sanding it. we used a sanding block, but ended up getting the heel not straight, as it is now apparent. at the bridge end it seems to be close to okay, with only a 1/32" gap on the left. on the nut side though, the gap seems to be pretty significant. I think that the only problem is an aesthetic one, as the neck seems to be of even height on either side. but I dunno. Is this something that I will have to wait and see if its a problem until I set it up? Or should I do something now.
It looks like overall its still a decent snug fit in the neck pocket? Because if thats the case, and its not mucking up the distances to your bridge etc I dont see it causing any more of a problem other than ruining some of your aesthetic appeal. In that case you could always use some filler around the neck pocket where the heel is bad, then use the neck as a guide for how much to sand off, then paint white like the rest of the body?

Quote by Lightbluemk2
In that case you could always use some filler around the neck pocket where the heel is bad, then use the neck as a guide for how much to sand off, then paint white like the rest of the body?

except filler shrinks. it doesnt really look like much of a problem though.
also, that is really nice. i like the art, its rad.
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