Hey all, I've got a few questions about delay oscillation.

Anyway, I love stoner/space/doom, and I was wondering how they go about using their delay pedals to get those weird shifty lasery sounds? I've got an MXR CC delay, but I've read in a couple places that its too dark/muddy sounding compared to many analog delays.

In reference to the above sounds, the first songs that come to mind are the end of Thunderbolt by Dozer and certain parts of I Was a Teenage Hand Model by QOTSA.

I could only find the QOTSA clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ4eexFnZUQ

At some points it sounds farty, other times kinda squeally or laser like. All I can get my delay to do is a angry, grindy oscillation and not much else. Can anyone recommend me any particular ways to go about getting all these weird feedbacks?

I've recently tried dialing in some modulated delay sounds with a combination of flanger and analog delay, but to no avail...

This leads me to a more specific question, as far as analog vs. digital delays. I could easily be rid of my Carbon Copy, and pick up some complicated feature filled digital delay... But then I came across this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2yDjVsnGN8 Thoughts on above gear?

Anyone have any general suggestions on how to get some freaky space oscillations?