I'm willing to spend up to $400 on a new amp. I don't play any metal but I still might need good distortion, and I definitely need good clean tones. I'm not looking for a modeling amp. I think I might want a tube amp but I'm open to solid states too, if I like the tone. I need something loud enough for small gigs and the like. Thanks in advance, and I'm sorry if there's a thread for this somewhere.
you can't afford a good Fender amp with that budget. check out a peavey or laney
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Check out the Bugera V22 or Epiphone Valve Senior.

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used Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
used Laney VC15/30
used Peavey Classic 30

All three are great clean amps, and their driven tones aren't that bad either. They're all pretty loud and are very versatile. I am a fan of the Deluxe myself, though you may want to try out all three.
what kind of music do you play?
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Don't know how much the Jet City JCA50 head is/will be. If it's in your range... JCA50.
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I generally play a lot of post-rock and shoegaze-ish stuff, I suppose. I'm not looking for a metal distortion. I'd like a more textured distortion, but I dunno if amps can do that. I could get by with just pedals.

I'd love a Hot Rod Deluxe, but I can't find any used in my price range.
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The Peavey Bandit 112 looks nice. Anyone know if there's anything wrong with it?
nothing wrong with it. These are cheap amps on the used market. Don't overpay.
I personally was in your position and had a 400.00 budget, I bought I used fende hot rod deluxe and love it. The clean tone is amazing. The reverb is kind of washy (for recording) and the drive sounds really good. ( for recording its sounds like cyber/solid state drive) However im basing my opinion off the overall power and tone of this amp and its fantastic. Heavy duty and reliable.

Check ebay and check your local markets for one. sometimes you have to wait.