Ok, so you may or may not have listened to "Let It Die" off Ozzy's new cd, the song starts with an effect on the guitar that sounds like flang/delay combo to me but I'm not sure really what it is. I've heard it used in other song but can't recall any names.
Does any one know exactly what it is or have any clues as to how it might be recreated? I've been fooling with effects all day trying to get it and any help would be appreciated.
You could probably do it with a high rate LFO contected to the volume/frequency filter in a DAW and have a flanger somewhere along the line.

But that's just a guess along with a minute messing about in Reason.
I think I've actually figured it out. I'm getting the same sound with tremolo effect pedal with every thing cranked pretty high and some slight delay.

Thanks for the input though.