I want to play my girlfriend some acoustic and I don't really have idea what I can play.
I think about in kind GnR - Patience or Don't Cry.

Can you help a bit?
Call me Lucas


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and sorry if I'm making grammar mistakes
boats and birds, really easy to sing too even if your not a good singer. every girl has absolutely loved it
please stop with that erection etc.
I'm serious.

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tears in the rain just play it on acoustic.

or write your own man its not that hard

and I tried, it's still to hard for me
Call me Lucas


I'm on Facebook

and sorry if I'm making grammar mistakes
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Don't do GNR except if she's a true fan. DO something softer, more girly. (The best one to do is probably Wherever you will go by The Calling. I know, I know...but trust me. If she's not a hardcore rock chick then it'll do it's job)

edit: Oh yeah and just cause I'm on UG I gotta also be a weird guy so I'll suggest ''Show them to be'' By Rodney Carrington
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Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups


Unintended by Muse


Woman No Cry by Bob Marley.
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