Haven't posted here in a while, anyway, I made this quick track to show off my new BareNuckle Painkiller, and I've been captivated by it for the past 4 hours. It's such a damn punchy pickup it's awesome. I only used the beginning part of the drum track, so I could make it into an entire song, I've been trying to write something for this drum track for forever it seems.

Idk, what do ya'll think?


C4C as always.
Some grungy vocals would sound great to that in my ears. Pickup sounds sweet too =D The part at 1.45 would make a great chorus with the right voice I think. I mean all this is very simple, but it's great. You should definitely try to make a proper song out of it =D

Thanks for the crit btw =) And no, it's not recorded via the soundboard. Buddy of mine used a zoom h2 or something sitting in the middle of the audience