Hey guys

I was thinking in Installing 2 EMG pickups on my Ibanez GRG270b, and remove the midle single coil pickup, any chance a normal RG pickguard fit my Ibanez GRG270b?

My guitar :

the pickguard i have in mind is something like :

What you guys say?
Not necessarily, it's just that EMG's aren't really cheap, and well, not to put you or your guitar down but it IS a budget guitar. Any upgrade you make will make it better ofcourse but you should just think to yourself if it's really worth putting that much money in a budget guitar you might (or might not) upgrade in a year or two, three.
I don't love the look of a pickguard.
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Keep in mind if you take out the middle pickup unless you have a pickgaurd to cover the whole you have to fill the whole with wood block and wood putty and you would have to refinish it. Also keep in mind EMG's aren't cheap and you may need to route your guitar if there isn't enough space for a battery and you'll need to buy new pots. Also a soldering iron and solder.
yeah, the main goal of the pickguard, was really hide the hole of the single coil, that i never use...