Hey UG! As the title says, the fingernail on my middle finger is pulling off of the skin it's attached to because of the aggressive bending I do on the strings. I was wondering if any of you guys had a way to stop this from happening or any fixes for it. I was thinking I could just use super-glue... would that do it? I don't really want thinner strings because my fingers are strong enough to do bends and stuff and I prefer the gauge I use now, which is .010-.052 skinny top heavy bottoms.
if its the fingernail pulling the skin clip your nails im not sure what to tell you if its the string work on gettin thicker callouses i suppose
On a more serious note: don't push down so hard so that you cause friction between fingertip and fingerboard while you bend - ensuring you have high profile frets will help.
other than that it's a medical. problem
Placing super-glue somewhere it might get under your skin is probably a bad idea, at worst you'll be poisoned, at best you'll have blood with twice the adhesive strength of normal people. Thus Super-Glue Boy was born, once he bleeds on you, there is no escape.

Seriously, go visit a Doctor.
I had this before as well. Just take some time to let it heal and then try again. It's a similar story to body-building, damage your muscles through heavy weights and they will repair themselves, adapting to the added stress. If you are consontantly doing huge bends your fingers will also adapt.

I was learning a Zakk Wylde solo last month which had a 5 fret bend in it. My middle finger nail started to separate a little. Took a week off from the bending, came back to it and now I can play it like a champ. Miraculous thing the human body!
This has happened to my sister. It eventually fell off and just grew back. No big deal (I'm hoping)