I was at an antique shop and I found a charvel guitar that is exactly like this one on ebay


Except I can get it without the case for $150. could anyone give me any info on this guitar? I wasn't really looking to buy another guitar right now, but it seems like a really good deal, so I'm considering it. The guitar has a few bumps and scratches, but nothing too bad. Unfortunately, since its an antique shop there's no way to try it out with an amp and I wouldn't be able to return it. Any advice would be much appreciated
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My advice is this.
Charvel guitars are always awesome, and for $150 that should be a deal.
Get it, it's not that much anyway. Play it unplugged, you should be able to tell if it's great. And just bring your microcube to the store to check if it works, to be safe.
They are quite high quality guitars, so if there are no structural problems with it, get it and celebrate.