I'm trying to find a guitar that Tom Delonge uses at the moment (I think), or maybe within the last year or so. Its brown and has dark patches on it. Sort of like smoke. Just wanted to check it out. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about. Thanks allot.
Gibson ES 333, His signature plus probs customised
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this thing? i don't know of any others besides his gibson and his fender signatures. i remember seeing somebody playing in a video with a guitar from a company named "Baritone," but thats a terrible terrible name for a guitar company since google searching "baritone guitar" will get you everything but that company's site.

anyway here's the picture i found that had any sort of discolored spots on it. looks like it's just his gibson signature but heat to hell lol

if thats not the one you're talking about then i'm really not sure
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It's his signature ES 333 but with a different finish. He has a few of them. The original one, White, Black with black stripe, that one and and a beat up black one.

They're all the same guitar
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