So apparently Fender bought Groove tubes and so the Fender red, white and blue 6l6 power tubes no longer exist. I spoke to GrooveTube Customer service and they said the blues are equivalent to the groovetube 6L6 powertubes with a 1-3 rating.

As I remember, however, the blue tubes were between the white and the red in terms of distortion level. I don't think they were the ones which distorted the most. Does anyone remember? Thanks

Also, the guy said that the blue tubes were random as to whether they were rated 1, 2 or 3 and I can put either 1, 2 or 3 rated tubes into my amp without having to re-bias the amp.
Also... does anyone know what type of GT6l6 the fenders were equivalent to? I see there are 6L6S and 6L6R and gold series, etc....
I honestly have no idea, but I have a question--which amp do you have? Personally, I'd just go with Tung Sol tubes.
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I believe he is giving you the right information. Just use the scale that gt has now to decide. I'd say a 3 if you wanted a little bit less power tube breakup.
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