Well, got it last week just finally making a thread.

I got the Digitech RP1000!

(crappy pics.. sorry)


So far, I am loving it. I had the RP50 and it was meh... effects sounded muddy and digital and I out grew it. The RP1000s modeling isn't bad at all and most of the effects I have tried sounded great! The WAH sounds pretty good, which was unexpected.

The only thing I dislike is, the USB output, headphone output and amp output all have a little bit of a different tones... It is noticeable, but really, not "that" bad. If you configure a setting for headphones, it will sound WAY different when recording it though the USB interface.. This isn't that big of a deal, but having to have say, 3 different settings for the same tone, sort of sucks. Fortunatly, if you have a line-in on your computer you can just use the headphone jack to it and it retains the tone.

The UI they give for the PC called X-Edit is great! It let's you edit everything on the pedal though the computer so you don't need to bend over to change a setting.

The pedal board mode is fantastic, I love being able to switch effects on the fly and you can even change the factory presets to your liking.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase, and I did get it for a steal. $240 with a Gator case, no exterior damage..

To hear a not so good sound, goto my profile. (Excuse the sloppiness and the tone ain't too good as I set it up for headphone use and used USB )

9/10! (It would be 10 if the USB streaming had the same tone! urgh!)
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