Anyone used one of these? Worth £100?
I heard there no good for distortion, how come?
this be okay for recording with?
My wife owned a Fender FMxxx for awhile. Ended up giving it to our son and then she bought a real amp - a Mesa Lonestar Special. I played the Fender a few times, but never cared that much for it. It's a SS amp with crappy modeled sounds. The old addage, you get what you pay for is quite true.

In the end, go to your local store and play one. See what you think. You may actually like it for that price.
I own an FM212 and I think it's fine. Only thing: too much down tuning sounds like shit on that amp. But it's loud. the speakers don't blow easy, etc. Main problem is that the amp distortion sucks. So I suggest getting a different distortion pedal. Oh, and it gets feedback quite easily. So yeah, not the best amp but it gets the job done. And $200(your price transfers to somewhere around that price in American dollars) is pretty good. Again, not the best amp but it will get the job done.
Its nice for cleans.

Id use it if i was looking for a cheap jazz amp that gets loud for playing out.

But for anything other than that, theres a million amps id rather have before it.
it's worth the money, but only as a secondary choice
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Quote by morson93
Anyone used one of these? Worth £100?
I heard there no good for distortion, how come?
this be okay for recording with?

You could get a smaller tube combo for that price?
Like a Harley Benton HA-5?
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well i have a DS-1 anyway so that'll be cool. for £100 i think i'll go for it, can't be THAT bad an amp can it?
okay, i have a price range of £200ish, i am willing to buy a used amp.
what is out on that market that will do me for playing punk rock and indie music, also acoustic/chords.
I recently bought a used Fender Aerodyne and an almost mint FM212...combined for $300

I really like the amp. Great, clear sound from the double 12" speakers (and a full 100 watts)

You'll appreciate the dual channels so you can use a foot switch (cost just a couple of dollars, if one doesn't come with it)

I'd definitely would rebuy just the amp for $250... that's about 150 British pounds.

Good effects, but as with most good amps...a clean clear tone with both high and low volume. Always go for a good sound over effects in an amp....effects can be added but a good sound can't.

It's Fender quality. Solid state. Not much to likely go wrong with it over the years.

(re negative postings. Most of these dweebs have never tried this amp...they are still in their PJs tapping out baloney on the keyboard).
looking at some video's on youtube it looks nice, but i think i'll try one before i buy one. i'm choosing between this and a Marshall AVT 275
It's not so bad for that price, but I certainly wouldn't pay for it brand new. I play in a band with someone who uses it with a tele, and it's not that great. The cleans are okay, but very sterile and not very warm. They also don't take pedals THAT great. The treble is very icepick in nature. It's more tolerable on the cleans, but we have to keep the treble all the way down on the distortion. It makes our ears bleed otherwise. Even after all of that, it still isn't that great sounding, but it sits okay in the mix for mid gain rhythm. I honestly wouldn't want such a large and cold sounding amp sitting around if I'm just going to mess around and record with it. Like I said though, that's not a bad price for one. Try to save a little more and look around for a smaller tube amp though.
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idk whats with ^this guy but i think the FM212 is fine. As long as you don't detune to like C :P
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(re negative postings. Most of these dweebs have never tried this amp...they are still in their PJs tapping out baloney on the keyboard).

obviously. i mean i think its a sub-par amp because i never have played anything better.

to be fair, the cleans are decent. it sounds fine if you keep the clean channel on and dont try to push it too hard. got some volume to it too. wouldnt buy it new because there are better things out there, but for that price it is worth it if you need a clean amp. nothing spectacular, but not horrid.
Not a good sounding amp. Reliable? Maybe. Good cleans? Not quite. Loud? Unfortunately yes.

Crunch channel and Clean channel are useable. More Drive channel is useless, thin, brittle, can of bees garbage. You need a TOP OF THE LINE stompbox to get a good drive from this thing. No MT-2s or MXR Dime Dist.

I've played this amp more than I've played my own.