So I finished my first ever "build", and now I'm hooked.

I decided to try a kit from GFS, figuring if I didn't like it or messed it up, no big deal. I received the kit very quickly, and got to work even quicker. I've read a few posts by some folks that had to some real work on their kits, but mine was well done.

The wood was of an OK quality, given the fact that the kit was $160. It's poplar, so it took no time to sand it before staining/painting. I chose not to use grain filler because I actually wanted this to look like it was built by someone doing it for the first time. So some areas of the wood really soaked up the stain and turned out very dark. I think it makes the black headstock look even better!

After finishing the, uh.... finish, i got to work wiring it. I have always shied away from everything electrical for fear of being zapped, but this seemed pretty safe and simple for a newb. I decided to "upgrade" the pickups from the stock ones GFS sends w/the kit to a set of the GFS VEH Alnico Zebras after reading MANY great reviews about their pickups. Everything else is what was shipped with the kit.

Surprisingly, the wiring went well. It worked the first time I plugged it in, and had a small ground issue that I quickly traced and squashed. Ladies and gents, this thing is really nice sounding. I'm playing it thru a Marshall MG101FX, and it has a really rich sound. I haven't been able to really open it up yet (6 week old babies apparently need to sleep?!). But I'll be playing a couple shows with my buddy's band and will definitely be using it.

The only remaining tweaks I'll be making is to add some copper shielding to the cavities to reduce the very slight hum that's left, and I'm waiting for a custom truss rod cover/name plate to come in the mail.

So, without further ado (and if you haven't fallen asleep yet) here's my custom Exploder 0525.
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Looks very good! Is that just stain on there or is there some protective coat on it?
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Thanks. That's 3 coats of stain and about 6 coats of gloss clear that I only polished once. I didn't want it to be particularly shiny.
"ladies and gents" "further ado" sounds familiar

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Here's my next project.

It's my first guitar, a 20-something year old Palmer/Biscayne Six Miami that I got when I was 10. It's taken a lot of abuse over the years, and just got salvaged from my parents basement before they got a chance to toss it.

It's surprisingly sturdy for a $200 guitar, and the action is amazing! Some new guts will probably make it into a decent little guitar, or at the very least, a fun project.

I'm open to ideas, with 2 exceptions: I don't really care for single coil pups, and I'm not putting tone knobs on it. Any ideas on finishes, trems, etc would be great.
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Ibanez S370 (all custom)
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Fender Champ 25se (used to power Mesa pre)
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Hello, all. It's been a while.

I sh!tcanned the Biscayne project that i had in mind. It wasn't worth the money. So, I stripped it for parts, and now I'm starting something new. Sorry for the cell phone pic. I'll have better ones as the project takes shape.

Here are the components:

Ash body
Birdseye Maple neck
Attackbucker in bridge position (possible neck pickup in the future)
Tortoise pickguard
Bourns 500k volume pot
A volume knob (can't decide between MXR or Strat style)
Wilkinson trem (chrome, flush mounted)
LSR roller nut
Wilkinson EZ-LOK tuners (chrome)

That's it. A pretty simple shred machine. I can't decide if I want a decal on the headstock or not. I suppose I'll have to wait and see how it looks without it, and go from there.

Thanks for reading. Thoughts/opinions are welcome!
So things are progressing slowly on my partscaster, but at least there's progress. I have all the parts that I need, and some extras that eBay made me buy because the prices were great

I found some Duncans on the cheap that I'm going to use ('59 for the neck, SH-5 Custom for the bridge). Coincidentally, after I purchased both of them simply because of price/reputation, I read in several places how well the two compliment each other. So I'm going to put those in my Partscaster, and save my Attackbucker for my Kramer project.

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Also, a cool little find to report. I constantly see MXR knobs on various sites selling for $5 apiece and up (even saw $19.95 once for an "authentic EVH knob"). When trolling around at work one day, I noticed that a 30+ yr old radio console had TWO MXR-style knobs on it. Talk about vintage! They even have three decades of actual relic on them. They will definitely end up on future builds.

My wife and daughter are out of town, so tomorrow morning I'll be able to get some real work done. I'll take some pictures too.

Thanks for reading.