hey guys, if you wanna join a online death metal band in the style of Death, Obituary, maybe a little bit of Cannibal corpse, send me a message, i need a Bassist Drummer and Vocalist, if you wanna help mixing/writing lyrics or whatever thats fine too, really my only requirements are that your atleast pretty good at your instrument and that you are DEDICATED. thanks, message or comment if your interested.

EDIT: I also play guitar and my rythm stuff is great i just might want to improve a little on my lead stuff
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Well, i play lead guitar quiet well, if i might add. I know youy said you didn't need another guitarist but two metal heads r better than one!

Send me a PM.
You my friend, are worthy of a HIGHFIVE!!!
Hey man I can be your bass player I've been playing for 2 years and love metal so if you're intersted I'm your man!!!!!!