So guys, i really need some advice here... been out of the market and want to start to hear some clips / try out some new amps...

Long story short, i've quit my band, so my VOX AC30CC2 is collecting dust in the corner of my room, that thing just dont play really well at the house, and it is a hell of a pain to carry around...

So my budget goes around 800€ / 900€. I really do not need a 2x12 combo, 1x12 or 2x10 is good enough, i dont need reverb, fxloop, 123135 channels and all that stuff, i just need a kick ass amp that has 15w / 18w and can deliver a good clean / good saturated tone (early marshall, good old vox).

I've tought of the VOX AC15HH head and matching cab, but a quick google told me that the thing is discontinued. The new AC15C do not seem a good upgrade in quality... Marshall does not have anything in the 15/20w and Fender only has the Blues Junior, so it only would do some clean... Other brands i really dont know much about:x

share your knowledge with me, and im really sorry about my english !
Might want to consider the Mesa Transatlantic. It's brand new and it hits that Vox tone really well.
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im not really looking into a "practice amp" or a "high end boutique" amp... the in between of the AC15 HH was all that i needed, but now it is discontinued... I will check egnater
the problem isnt really how loud it is, the problem is that i cant cook the AC30 tubes anywhere... the AC15 will give me some punch with less volume...

i will sell the AC30 and hopefully will get 700€ from it, i hope that i can get more 200€ so i would have 900€ to spend (aprox 1100USD)

Im from Portugal and i cant find AC15 heritage anywhere, new or used :x i would like to have the head and cab ( only for cosmetic reasons )

PS: I mostly play 60 / 70 rock, deep purple, led zeppelin and my sound goes from there to my own music. i have a Xotic BBPreamp to push it a little, a EHX Memory Man to cover up some lack of reverb and a Fulltone Clyde. Gibson les paul and that the whole show!
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Portugal. oh. yeah, from what I remember you guys don't have the greatests options. I still say the AC15 will be loud. Def check out the Egnater Tweaker and Vox Night Train. And if it is just bedroom jamming with no pedals and such the AC4TV might work for you. Hell you could get several of these amps. That's probably what I would do but I have a disease.