I've been playing guitar for a couple of months now and i took lessons during that time so i know a fair amount of theory, but where i am lacking is in my ability to play songs. I know few songs and i'd like to know the most effective method to learn songs, be it tabs, video lessons, by ear, etc... Can anyone help me out?
power tab (free) or guitar pro (not free) software.
Naturally I suggest power tab
In the long run, by ear is the best way. But unless you have perfect pitch or close to it, it can be quite difficult to start with (depending on the songs and genre and tuning, etc.). Tabs are good to start with, but won't really benefit you too much in the future. I can't really say much about video lessons because I've never used them. The choice is up to you.
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I think you should try ear first, I find it a lot more rewarding when I figure a whole song out by ear! It takes some time though so don't get frustrated, once you develop your ear it is awesome
Thank you for the replies. I thank i'll try learning songs by ear, that way i don't have to rely on tabs that are, more often than not, unreliable.