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Universe 1
46 90%
Universe 2
3 6%
2 4%
Voters: 51.
For whatever reason, maybe you're bored or something, you are about to create a universe (I guess we could say your some kind of god, hypothectically).

There are only two options available to you:

Universe 1: This universe contains planets, matter, atoms, yada yada, and it contains sentient beings, definitely capable of feeling sensations of pain, pleasure, suffering, etc.

If you create this universe, many of the sentient beings will go through pain and suffering. Some not so much, and some horrifically, but in general, it will be a universe with more pleasure and happiness than suffering and pain.

Universe 2: This universe is the same as universe 1, only difference is there are no sentient beings. It's just matter, atoms, etc. and maybe some forms of life like bacteria are created, but there is nothing in this entire universe that is able to feel pain, suffering, pleasure, happiness, etc.

So, assuming that you have to pick only one of the two options, which option do you think you should pick? A universe of happiness and suffering, or a universe of neither?
Option 1, I was just debating in the Religion thread how suffering is necessary anyway. Don't feel like repeating everything here though.
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First one, it would be neat watching them expand and advance.
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Universe 1. If I'm gonna go to the trouble of creating an existence, they damned well better be able to be happy about it.
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I'd rather play in a sandbox with action figures than with ants.

I agree with this.
Universe A. Silver Bender > gold Bender.

In all seriousness though, universe 1. I hate to be blunt, but I'm an eternal universe-creating being. The beings in universe 1 are like ants in a child's antfarm to me. I'm not happy you're suffering, but you're tiny, insignificant and imbecilic compared to me. I have you here for my enjoyment, and just watching bacteria is boring.

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I wouldn't find much interest in universe 2 so if I absolutely was so bored that I was going to create one it would be the first.
I'd go Universe 1, and hope that the intelligent beings become smart enough to not cause each other pain and suffering.
Universe 1, but I would give them super powers and morphing suits because what you described was boring.
Grammar error in the first set of brackets, mang.

Universe A. If the creator is allowed interference in his creation, rather than being a ghost camera, and only being able to take pictures.

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I see no option for a Cowboy universe.

But, if I was forced to choose, 1. I would, however, make guest appearances in order to keep them from killing themselves in my name.

2 is like playing the sim city without any funds.
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Option 1. Although I'm not much of a god if that's the only choice I could make, so I'd try and make the universe better for the people in it. I'd make 100 Devin Townsends.

I would then observe as people argued over whether I existed or not, as I'm constantly muttering "I'll never tell! Muahahahahaha!"
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I'd rather play in a sandbox with action figures than with ants.


It makes me remember that scene from Constantine where Keanu Reaves says "God is a kid with an ant farm". Polemical, yet brilliant statement.


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