When my band recorded the guy who was doing the mixing and everything set me and my guitar up through his laptop and with that he had this program where he can choose between tons and tons of brand name pedals and guitar heads and actually tune the dials on them, and whatever he did it sounded as if I was actually playing through that equipment. For example I was playing through an Orange head (which I absolutely love) and an Ibanez distortion pedal.

I was like wow that programs crazy and he said it wasn't expensive but the subject changed so I forgot to actually ask what it was. Anybody know about this program and what it's called? Because I can really have hours of fun with this.
Guitar Rig 4?
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unless there is some addon, they don't list having an Orange model amp
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the op is asking about the program he saw though. any clue based on his description?
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The one I was thinking of the whole time was actually Podfarm. My friend actually has it in his room and uses it to make his own music with fruityloops.
it's not podfarm. they have models of popular amps, but they can't call them what they are (no one could, royalties would be too damn expensive). example: real amp = orange, podfarm version = "citrus".

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This thread is really old but i'll add to it anyway, it was podfarm he used because of friend of mine has the exact same program to make music in his room. I noticed the Orange amp I used was actually "Citrus" but didn't notice at first because I only saw the Orange head from a few feet away. I'm working on getting this for my room soon because its not too expensive.
I use Amplitube. Love it.
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^if you liked pod farm, then i'd suggest getting any of the "pod studio" line 6 interfaces. If you get the UX1 for example, http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-POD-Studio-UX1-with-POD-Farm?sku=250003 then it has a guitar input, mic input, 18 guitar amp models including the orange one, some bass amp models etc... plus if you want more models you can upgrade the software, so if you liked the tone from pod farm i'd get that and some decent headphones or speakers if you dont already have them

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