wrote this about 3 years ago. not finished
dont think i will
it was for my gf cause she bugged me for a soft song
more of a metalcore and death metal writer
i just want feed back
dont mind the electric guitar. i was gonna try to add but then gave up
like i said i dont write like this all the time thats why its repetitive
add if you want. would to hear what people would do with this
tracy song.gp5
hey man , i liked this and i think with some more work put into it it could be a great ballad kind type of thing , anyway i added some standard drums and a bit of melody and i think it adds something to it.

anyway let me know what you think of it
tracy song.gp5
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thats cool man i really like it
idk about me adding more to this song though
i really cant add much anymore. it was just something quick for my gf so she could shut up
i might just finish a bass part and record it soon with the drums you added. its cool though