Is it bad to tune a 27"Scale Guitar to E Standard tuning..?

I'll most likely be using .9 or .10 gauge strings..

PS: Expect a Agile NGD Next week :3
Alright, I've heard its back to keep baritones and such in higher tunings, plus its a fixed bridge so I can tune down alot...

Its just for my guitar lessons my teacher prefers I'm in Standard, so yeah
no it'll be kinda like running 12s on a 25.5

well 27 is kind of a baritone. j/k. you're fine. it's not going to bring out the awesome but it's no probs.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
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i have an Agile 8 string with a 28 5/8" scale. i keep it half a step down and the gauges of the highest six strings (Eb to eb) are 46-36-26w-16-11-09, pretty close to a normal set of 9s. the 2nd string could even be a .012 or a .013. these strings still feel fine if not perfect in standard, and im not even a person that prefers lots and lots of tension. just a normal set of 9s will feel fine on a 27" scale. i bet you'll notice better sustain on the longer scale too. theres a very noticeable difference in tone and sustain on my 8 stringer than on my other 25.5" guitars. one thing is bends are more of a pain in the ass. that im sure you will notice. especially on the lower frets, full step bends become less practical. the string's got further to go, and obviously the further you go, the tighter it feels.

you'll be very happy with your agile. what model(s) are you considering?

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awesome, can't wait to see it! you'll get it pretty quick.

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Most extended-scale guitars (anything longer than 25.75") have two graphite rods running through the neck to reinforce it so that it can handle extra tension.
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I bought the Agile Sceptor 727.

If you bought a 7 string then do you mean tuning it up to have a high A string (EADGBEA)? Or you just mean keeping it in standard 7 string tuning (BEADGBe)?

Because giving it a high A string might prove difficult, you would need something absurd like an .08 or maybe even smaller (people do make them though, no idea who though). If you mean just tuning to 7 string standard then you won't have any issues, just slightly higher tension than what you are normally used to
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I was going to tune it BEADGBe

For my lessons that is, most likely tune it down when I'm actually playing
I'm considering getting a high end Agile 7 string... Then they ran out of stock of a model i was very fond of.

Don't want to settle for this shit: http://www.rondomusic.com/product3436.html

Maple neck, emg 707's... count me out..

As for your original question, OP. It shouldn't be a problem, especially if you are staying BEADGBe. You might piss off your teacher if you buy a 7-string, lol
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The famous oval soundhole Selmer-Maccaferri manouche jazz guitar has almost as long of a scale (670mm - 26.4''), and people usually play .011s on it with a wound 3rd, in standard tuning: http://www.lutherie.net/bckgrnd.html

And that's an acoustic.

The tension is so high u must only be able to play with ur first two fingers!