Awesome song!

Its very middy, and possibly a parked wah...with a fair amount of gain. I'd say thats a good start anyways

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Great, but that information is completely irrelevant because steely dan are changing their lineup all the time, and the guitarist who played the leads on Reeling in the Years was Elliot Randall although it's an easy mistake to make - you can't get away with searching for the band's gear setup - you have to look for the individual musicians to find the right information, thankfully, they are listed on the old record sleeves.

I'm not sure how accurate the info on this page would be as it might be current information as opposed to info about old steely dan recordings. If you look around the links off this page you might find what you're looking for:


The tone here sounds almost like a talkbox miked up without the mouth tube installed, to me. It sounds like a very very small speaker, to say the least. I read on the guitar digest interview that Elliot Randall loves his 10" speakers, but then, it sounds like a far smaller speaker on Reeling in the Years.

Btw, I love steely dan. I have a few of their albums on vinyl. You haven't heard steely dan until you've heard them on vinyl!
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