Hey all,
just a quick question. I'm gonna be getting a new audio interface soon, to play with revalver/amplitube until i can get a new amp. my options are: line6 pod studio GX, and a behringer UCA222.

now i know the pod studio is a decent enough interface that i should be able to use with no problem, but $100 seems a little steep to me for an interface. should i dish out the money for that, or is the UCA222 good enough in terms of sound quality/latency/ease of use where i could go for that ($40 vs. $100)?

tl;dr Line6 POD Studio GX or Behringer U-Control UCA222

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Stay away from the Behringer, as stated, it's more for running with an external preamp and such...nor is it going to give you any good sound quality.

The Line6 POD Studio GX is by far a much better choice to start out with and offers some great modeling quality.
The Line 6 was made specifically for recording guitar/bass so I'd go for that. Also comes with software. I'm not saying that Behringer should be avoided because for the price of their stuff, they make some not bad stuff but bare in mind if something is really inexpensive, it's inexpensive for a reason.
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