whats up guy!!

its been a long time since my last thread

anyway..heres another song of my black metal band http://www.myspace.com/frozengardenband

i wrote this song...emmm 2 years ago...it was the first song i played with my band !!
i think this song is kind atmospheric or doom,though, it got some tr00 black metal riffs!!

hope you like it guys!!!
A lost soul walking in the forest.gp4
A lost soul walking in the forest.gp5
I found it kinda repetitive at the start, particularly that section that repeated 4 times

29+ was good though

Just weird that i've only listened to one emperior song and every riff sounded like it was from that song
Critting as i go.
-Intro is very dark sounding and i love it!
-I also like the tremelo progression, i usually dont like it but you did it well
-like bars 11-12 but the next two sound bland
-bars 37-38 are very good!! build off that sometimes
Then it pretty much repeats riffs and hormonies.

7/10 i like it alot but it is very repetetive but that gives it that feeling throughout the song and i like it. Vocals will make it an exceptional song.

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intro works, nice change from acoustic to distortion. gets a little bit repetitive, maybe repeat it less or change it up a lil bit on some of the repeats.

bars 11-12(i think) good melody.

nice use of chior ahhs in the backround adds to the atmosphere of the song.

again the melody comes back in which is pretty good and catchy.

a little weird when it changes back to acoustic, maybe work on the transition a little bit but it wasnt too big of a deal.

gets a lil repetitive but before i knew it bars 37-38 came in and blew me away. pretty awesome, my favorite part of the song. although, it started losing its effect after it was repeated so many times. i think you could change it up a tiny bit to keep it fresh.

bars 73-74, in my opinion you make the song lose all the tension it builds up by changing to a part like this where it goes back to acoustic and the drums stop. this tends to make the song feel like it isnt going anywhere. it just builds up again to where it was before. right now i have no idea where i am at in the song, which imo isnt good.

overall, pretty good. i just think it needs some work. this isnt the style of music i listen to, but hopefully my crit might help you out. hope i wasnt harsh, i really did like it.

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