Ok, let me start by saying I'm a long time lurker in these forums, but i rarely post, and this is my first 'what do people think of this?' thread. so, on with it..

Tax return time is here and I've been thinking about another guitar for a while, mostly a tele. The road worn '72 deluxe is at the top of my list right now, but i havent been able to get my hands on one to try yet, so i ask anyone in UG land, has anyone had experience with one, whats are the opinions of build quality, playability and tone.
I really like the looks and spec sheet, but I'm still a bit apprehensive about dropping so much $$ for a mexican built fender..

so please, advise and opinions?
Not trying to be funny or anything, but what is it about it being a Mexican built strat? Have you heard that they fall apart or break easy? Please read the history of why there are Mexican and Japan built Strats and Teles. If you compare all of the guitars Fender makes, MIM, MIJ, MIA, you will noticed that the only differences are the hardware and pickups. The bodies are usually either Ashwood or Alder. The necks are maple or maple with a rosewood fingerboard. I own a MIM Jimmie Vaughan Strat (Not as expensive as the Tele your looking at) But I paid around $620 us for it. It is a great guitar and if you check out the reviews from everywhere you can see it is rated high. The guitar you mentioned looks great and it has some better quality parts on it than the regular issue Deluxe so as far as the price it sounds reasonable. I personally am not into the reissue thing myself but thats why there are so many designs and models.
Try one out and if YOU enjoy it and it sounds good to YOU, then get it. Don't worry about what others think about "Where it was built"
One last thing, research other brand guitars and see where they are built at. You might be surprised. But again, research the history of Fender and why they are built in Japan and Mexico.

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Man, that's such a sexy guitar in black/black.

But you're paying a markup on a distressed finish and little else other than "Made in America."

The MIM versions are just as good, and for less you can get one with a tremolo if that's your thing, and the build quality could easily compete with the MIA. There's a small drop in consistency of quality- MIA's are better assembled, but it's the same parts in each one. And it's not like you have to buy one in the store that's got something wrong with it; if they don't have more in the back, they'll order one for you.

MIM means very little these days- is that the only reason you're considering the Road Worn series?
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I have no particular quality worries about it being mexican built, the only reason i was hesitant about it is the fact that used mexican standard tele's go for around $600-700 (australian) around here, and at $1650 for the road worn deluxe i was curious if all the extra money is worth it. I am by no means a snob when it comes to manufacturing location

one of the reasons I'm looking at the road worn series is i like the feel of the relic'd neck having played a road worn strat, I've never liked the full gloss finished fender necks.
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The only difference between the Road Worns and just the plain re-issuse is the paint and the neck are worn. You essentially paying more money just for a difference visually.

I've never played one but I do have a 72 Re-issue and I love it. If you don't like the finished necks and what not go for the road worn.
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the roadworn series also have a nitro finish instead of poly. some people will swear that this makes the guitar sound more resonant and alive. i've never played a nitro guitar, so i can't say myself. but the roadworn guitars have a reputation for being some of the best playing lower level (under USA and custom shop) fenders out there! i say go for it. it's a lot of money to spend, but if you like both the look and the specs then whats wrong? besides maybe the price for where it's made, but if you're happy with everything else and can afford it then that might not be too bad.
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