I own it, ect.

I was just wondering, can you actually use this WITHOUT a speaker cab. attached to the speaker out?

All because I want to use both midi-boards I have to use on my effects units, 1 or 2 for the talkbox, 3 or 4 for my cabinets output.

I really don't fancy trying it, incase I blow the output transformer on my power amp...

If it can't be done, I'll pay to change it to permanantly switched on with the output being an A/B to either of my rack effects units and power amps.
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you need a seperate output, if you have dental fillings you`ll probably lose them faster than normal, i know a few people who have blown out their fillings (slightly irrelevant),

the other alternative is a rocktron banshee talk box where you don`t need the seperate output
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