basically i need a new amp. im into heavy metal metal like lamb of god , melodic death like children of bodom and i also play some softer clean stuff too. i was thinking of either the krank rev jr standard, the mesa boogie f-50 (can only find the mesa on ebay) or the blackstar ht-5s. my price range is up to $1,000 australian dollars. any other suggestions welcome, i would prefer a tube amp. and i have a boss mt-2 distortion pedal. thanks for any help
I'm not exactly sure if the Mesa fits in your price range, I couldn't find what you were talking about on ebay. The Blackstar is nice with a boost but better suited to old-school metal tones. Out of those three I would probably take the Krank

I still think you could do better though, Listen to the clip of the Jet City amp on the NAD thread, or else you could looking into a Bugera 6262...

Is your budget for a head only or a head and a cab?
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Bugera 6262/333xl would be good. Laney tube amps also go for around that price here in Australia
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hes looking at a 5watt head and you tell him to get a 100 watt head? :|
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hes looking at a 5watt head and you tell him to get a 100 watt head? :|

20 to 50 but i know wat you mean
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thats the mesa and my budget is for the head and the cab. i quite like the bugera 6262 but its too much for me for just the head, ill need cabinets too

You'll use all your budget buying it and getting it shipped over here, that's assuming you're talking about the head, if you plan on shipping the combo you'll be hard pressed finding someone who will actually do it and it would probably cost you about $350-400 USD. Probably not the best idea.
Just look for a nice used combo.
I'd go for the Krank or a new Bugera. Throw away the MT-2, or mod it so it actually sounds good
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You'll need an OD to get the desired metal tones out of a Rev Jr. Standard, if you can you should save up for the Pro. It has more gain and a better control set up.

Also, a couple of tips if you do go for the Krank. To optimize your gain you should have the fxs loop engaged and just running a patch cable with the level at max. This will give you an extra gain boost. Also, a tube change does wonders for this amp, the sovteks can sound very brittle in the highs, but a new set of JJs or GTs can solve this just fine. I'm running two JJs and a GT (for the PI) in mine right now and it sounds miles better, plus I'm also running the head outside of the case so I could fit in two JJ 6L6 GCs.