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Hey guys, it's that time of the year again for me to pick up a new guitar So I've come down to these guitars that seems to suit me the best and the prices aren't that crazy overboard either. So which of these do you guys think is the best in terms of craftsmanship, quality, sound, versatility, value for the money, etc.?
Never played the Jim root tele but i've heard it's meant to be awesome and great to play. so either that or the Jackson which i'd think you'd get the most versatility and best quality build from but then you have to deal with the shape, which is fine and very easy to get used to if your not accustomed to V's (just play classical style while sitting) but if your like me and like to chill and sit back sometimes when playing then it's not that great. I tend to just play all out death metal and the likes on my RR24 so I'm never really chilled out and playing bluesy stuff on it anyway =D
The Schecter haven't played a great deal of them but of those I have I didn't really get on with them and they have never really appealed to me.
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I've owned/own or played all the instrument you've listed.

Personally I prefer the Jackson it's a better instrument overall than the Fender and the Schecter.
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uh, well, to be honest with you, the Jim Root Telecaster comes with an EMG-81 Active humbucker in the Bridge position & an EMG-60 Active Humbucker in the Neck Position. It's REALLY high priced (so if the quality ISN'T really good, Fender Stands by it, which I've seen before at least on the signature model Stratocasters...my father has one of the first 10 Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Stratocasters (he got it LONG before they started doing this "relic finish" thing, it was some time between 1992 & 1994, I can't clearly remember cuz he got another really wild super high-end Strat like within a year & a half of getting the Stevie Ray Vaughan one & cuz I was a kid when he got it) & the Fender Texas Special Pickup in the Bridge Position went bad on my dad...& he called Fender & talked to someone about what was going on & they sent him a new one, then the gold plating wore off of the tuning machines on the headstock & he's an electrical engineer (that's his day job...has been since before I was born...) & he got a business card from a guy from a different company that he was working with on a project for the company he works for in Worcester, MA & the business card had "Fender Master Builder" printed on it under where the guys name was printed on the business card & it was also in his E-Mail's Automatic Signature...& he talked to that guy about the Gold Plating wearing off & the guy had Fender send him a whole brand new set of gold plated tuning machines, so generally Fender seems to stand by their signature model guitars...

BUT...I, personally, started playing when I was 2 years-old & I'll be 25 in a couple of months. & I, have a 1995 Jackson Professional Rand Rhoads RR3 Flying V...& that thing's always played fantastic...not as good as my Gibson '67 Flying V Reissue, but, my Jackson Professional RR3 also has a Floyd Rose Bridge...& that's an advantage sometimes...so I'm not sure...In my head it's a toss up between the Jackson RR5 & the Fender Jim Root Telecaster....
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Quote by Mazz-
In my head it's a toss up between the Jackson RR5 & the Fender Jim Root Telecaster....

Well actually, those two are the only ones I'm torn between XD The schecter's there just to add some spice. I like the fender because it simple is a great guitar and jackson is a smeexy guitar and well they both sound great. Any other opinions? It seems that I'm more leaned to the rr5 now
If u want a bright tone - Rr5

if u want a warm tone - Hollywood classic

if u dont know that means, google bright vs warm or somthig like that
Quote by Himelnator
If u want a bright tone - Rr5

if u want a warm tone - Hollywood classic

if u dont know that means, google bright vs warm or somthig like that

Yeah I'm familiar with bright and warm tones.

What about the fender? I don't think I want the schecter anymore. It seems that the neck on it is huge like a 50's LP or something which I'm not used to :/ I'm guessing that the fender has a bit of a dark-ish warmy sound to it right?
gotta be sure EMGs are for you or not. i was never a fan, so i would take the RR5. but doesnt that have a JB in the neck too? sounds kinda like a stupid idea by jackson if you ask me. maybe i read flase information though.
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