Just got my first car, a 94 mustang. So, you have the coolant chamber, and the radiator. Water goes in the radiator, and antifreeze/coolant goes in the coolant chamber, is that right? Or does coolant go in the radiator too?

Thanks, sorry to be a car noob!
I think it'd be much safer to google this sort of stuff.

Or ask a car forum.

You can't really trust the pit.

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lmao dude get someone to physically help you with that don't ask that on a forum you get a dick head lying to you, or you will just screw up and mess something up.

And what you said the first time is right you can put coolant in the rad but its really just meant for the container. If you do only use a little won't hurt at all but yeah make sure plenty of water to.
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Coolant goes in both the radiator and the reservoir. You add it directly to the radiator with the engine running so it can work its way through the system. DO NOT start this process with the engine hot as you will scald yourself...the radiator is under pressure! After the radiator will take no more,add to the reservoir to the fill line. Be sure too mi the coolant with water as per the instructions. If you feel you can't do this yourself,get help. Easy job,hard to do wrong,but no sense screwing up if you don't have to.