I have a fender custom shop daily calendar that has a different custom guitar each day and I keep coming across strats with tele sc covers (it may not be the tele cover but it looks similar). They look amazing. If I were to order tele covers for my strat would it change my sound at all or is there a specific chrome cover for strats?

Here's a nice picture of one.
yeah, it'll change the tone a bit. a cover softens the highs a bit and smooths out the pickup. just like a covered humbucker vs an open coil. open coil has a grittier edgier tone. also, a tele cover wont fit a strat pup.

obviously the degree of these effects vary from pup to pup. these are just genereal 'rules' for what a cover does. i mean, a tele neck pup is covered but has plenty of twang and no shortage of highs.

if you are afraid to try it, just order the covers and cut the sides off about 1/8" from the top (so that the edges go down into the pickguard hole) and epoxy a small steel plate to the underside so the magnets of the pups will hold it on. now you have the look without the tone change.
I'm not very good with cutting metal. There seems to be a lot of custom strats with these metal looking pup covers. I'm sure if ppl are asking for it, it's not a fender custom shop exclusive. Anyone else ever looked for this?
It sounds like for it to not suck tone, it has to be non ferrous. I'm sure there are materials that look/feel like metal but don't alter the magnetic field. This has proved a lot harder to find out than I expected.
the whole tone killing thing comes from the fact that the coil itself is enveloped in metal. thats why i said make a partial cover with a small steel plate. the coil isnt comletely covered, so the tone wont change.
Well if I cut off the top piece of the plate I won't get the look I'm going for. I'm pretty sure fender's custom shop doesn't use a metal that effects the mag field but something that just resembles metal w/o that ferrous attribute.

here are some more pics

This is very close to what I'm going for

An upclose pic of a chrome version
If you want something that looks like those stock, check Lace Chrome Domes.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
Alminium is non magnetic isnt it?

Edit: and can be polised to a mirror chrome like finish.
The chrome domes look exactly like what I want but the thing is I don't' think you can buy the cover separately. The pickups themselves aren't that great.
once again, its not the fact that it's ferrous, it's the fact that it's metal. metal WILL change the tone a bit.

on projectguitar there is a tutorial describing what I said. you cut the top of the cover off so it goes just below the pickguard. the whole point is that it looks like it's fully covered.
Do you have the link? I can't find it searching through their forum.
ok so it looks lik it isnt there anymore. i just looked all over the site. great. anyway it's a very straightforward process.

all you do is cut the sides of the cover off but leave about 1/8" from the top. then epoxy (or superglue) a magnetic strip of metal to the underside. that's it.

the strip is magnetic so the polepieces will hold the cover on, and the 1/8" you didnt cut off the sides goes below the pickguard so it'll look stock.

you can pop it on and off at will.