1000-thread count sex-
less sheets on your ripples.
(at least in my dreams,
if you know what i mean.)
pulling bottom-bunk duty;
bow-tied/strung up twine
like a present beneath.
hog-tied/anything to unwind
or else open up for me.
(your eyes, i mean.)
i loved for you like god and
tired boys with raccoon black
circlets around their eyes.
sleepless sadness/fucking faggots
with credible headaches darling
and a fashionable heartache
plus whatever keeps you all
buttoned-up plaid and
strapping young man;
seams bursting across
the folds in your chest
and me laying low
(bottom-bunk, to be exact)
wishing that i could've
loved you like that.

can't get to sleep,
knowing that you're
hanging right over me.
what is isn't
and never will be.
I Loved this, I can't even think of any criticism to give. I especially loved how you closed it off,
"Can't get to sleep, knowing that you're hanging right over me". Beautifully written.
The tightness and inability to breathe really works with this one... it was a complaint before but not in this, no, this is beautiful.
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