Hey everyone. I've recently been throwing around the idea of getting a Mac Mini, and using Garageband to do my recording (Boss GT8). Now that I'm thinking about it, I could save all that money if there's a similar program on PC. Look, I know, there's tons of programs out there like Cubase, FL Studio, but are there any as simple and intuitive as Garageband?
I've not got the chance to work with GarageBand but most people say it's similar to Audacity on the PC side.

I would however save some money and go with a program called Reaper which runs around $70. Search my google playlist for more info on it and you can see for yourself how easy it is to use. It really does quite a bit for the money and I know a lot of members here at UG use it and love it.

FL studio is more of a MIDI type program so if you plan on working with a lot of audio, you may want to stay away from this one.

As far as getting stated with recording, either buy an audio interface or see if the GT8 can stream out audio down the USB to record...I think it does.

Macs are nice and all but I never could see the point in spending double the price for something a PC could do just fine...
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Reaper is your best bet. I'm planning to get a mac as well, and even then I will use Reaper over Garageband. Garageband is only really convenient if you like making heavily synth based songs, as it comes with a pretty big database of sounds and loops. If you have the money I'd say get the mac and load Reaper on it and utilize both.
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RRREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAPPPPPEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR you can even use it for free and get away with it =D
Well I use Audacity now, and I'm able to record and all that. I just want an easy to use/more "professional" program. I'm using my GT8 directly into my PC with the stereo output on the GT8, which seems like it would be just as good or better than USB.

I'm doing mostly experimental guitar work, so I'd like to be able to generate drum beats/loops and other random sounds